Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Concept Work

Just before I get into it all I want to say i really don't like the scanners they have at college. It's no good for this sort of thing.
Let me know if something is spelt wrong.
I wasn't able to make it in class today so I've taken the chance to update and let you all know how the work is going; it's going meh. It started so well but it's slowed down a little since Maya is now required.
On the subject of Maya I think it's finally clicked, it seems easier then before. I'm actually trying things for myself in it. The other day I tried basic weights, for fun. :O
Anyway back to the work.

Final concept page for Wee Eck Mcglone. Bit hard to see but you should be able to click for full size.

Inked side a front view. The scanned images were not clear enough in Maya so I had to go over then for a third time so I can see what I was doing in Maya.

As you can see the image lines are very clear against the white and I have already started on the model.

As a little extra I have the basic colours for Wee Eck Mcglone. I'm saving the colouring for relaxing with, rather then eating into my work time.

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