Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Maya Modeling

Each set of images is a important point when i was making my Maya model.

First image shows side and front view done using different faces with an image applied to them. This really doesn't work. Every time I click to see though my image to mach it to the drawing. The drawing itself disappears

I used image plane for the second image. it was a lot more clear and also didn't distort the image size so it keep the correct proportion i set in Photoshop. The down side was
First go at making the head. I used this tutorial to get me started.
I also started on the hands and sleeves

Bit hard to see but I have started on the beard. I picked out three faces on the chin and extruded it out to form the start of the beard
I also started the clothing by extruding the line for the jacket out and down

Added the base and backpack.
Also added the kilt and deepened the sleeves.
Taken the backpack away for the time being and added the hat, goggles and the small pouch bag
This is an interesting one
I was working by my self up to this sage. A friend of my brother took the time to explain a few Maya tricks and and ways of improving my model. Worked mostly on the hand and face.
The model with the second half added in.
Rigged the model, it was very basic. You can see the rigging on the left. Only did the basic joints but now I come to think of it I really think it would have been best to do the hands in more detail.
Built and moved the model into position for the printing
Added the shovel to it and closed the hand by the vertices.
And there we go, finished Maya model ready to print :D

Oh bugger, I forgot his backpack! X(

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