Friday, 31 December 2010

Maya Rigging

I dont know whether it's worth mentioning it or not so I am just in case:
I got a lot of help rigging this time around and I think I know what I did wrong. There's a little button that attaches the model to the skeleton.

Should have done the hands as well, it would have saved a lot of time

Thursday, 30 December 2010

UV Texturing and Colour

I have only done UV texturing once before and I never got my head around it. However everything seems so simple this time around.

I also have video footage of how the model looks with basic colour.

I think I only have two more posts to go. That is the final piece and the evaluation. If anyone see anything I've missed please let me know.

So... What is he going to put his things in? o.o

I can't make the backpack.
Oh man I'm really disappointed in this. The backpack was a big part of the project but i just don't have the time to finish it. I worked out the straps and little bits as well, it's a big shame I can't finish it. I might add more images a little later to show what could have been, but at least I did have a go damn it X/

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Happy UV textering is happy :D

I've started the UV texturing and noticed something funny so I took a screen shot of it. :D

btw I didn't mean for that to happen.

Anyway back to work.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Printed Model

Hi there. Yes I have printed my model, and in the words of Marvin the Martian 'isn't it lovely' :D

37 try at footage and THIS is the best one!! X(

Maya Modeling

Each set of images is a important point when i was making my Maya model.

First image shows side and front view done using different faces with an image applied to them. This really doesn't work. Every time I click to see though my image to mach it to the drawing. The drawing itself disappears

I used image plane for the second image. it was a lot more clear and also didn't distort the image size so it keep the correct proportion i set in Photoshop. The down side was
First go at making the head. I used this tutorial to get me started.
I also started on the hands and sleeves

Bit hard to see but I have started on the beard. I picked out three faces on the chin and extruded it out to form the start of the beard
I also started the clothing by extruding the line for the jacket out and down

Added the base and backpack.
Also added the kilt and deepened the sleeves.
Taken the backpack away for the time being and added the hat, goggles and the small pouch bag
This is an interesting one
I was working by my self up to this sage. A friend of my brother took the time to explain a few Maya tricks and and ways of improving my model. Worked mostly on the hand and face.
The model with the second half added in.
Rigged the model, it was very basic. You can see the rigging on the left. Only did the basic joints but now I come to think of it I really think it would have been best to do the hands in more detail.
Built and moved the model into position for the printing
Added the shovel to it and closed the hand by the vertices.
And there we go, finished Maya model ready to print :D

Oh bugger, I forgot his backpack! X(

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Concept Work

Just before I get into it all I want to say i really don't like the scanners they have at college. It's no good for this sort of thing.
Let me know if something is spelt wrong.
I wasn't able to make it in class today so I've taken the chance to update and let you all know how the work is going; it's going meh. It started so well but it's slowed down a little since Maya is now required.
On the subject of Maya I think it's finally clicked, it seems easier then before. I'm actually trying things for myself in it. The other day I tried basic weights, for fun. :O
Anyway back to the work.

Final concept page for Wee Eck Mcglone. Bit hard to see but you should be able to click for full size.

Inked side a front view. The scanned images were not clear enough in Maya so I had to go over then for a third time so I can see what I was doing in Maya.

As you can see the image lines are very clear against the white and I have already started on the model.

As a little extra I have the basic colours for Wee Eck Mcglone. I'm saving the colouring for relaxing with, rather then eating into my work time.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Research & AAAGGGHHH

Ok time for an update
I’ve been so bogged down with keeping up with all the writing of the blog. Its getting really tricky to balance my blogs, doing the practical work and spending all my spare time recuperating from it. This alone takes me the best part of a day to do and keeps me from were I'm really needed. sigh.
But all well it needs to be done so I have yet to show any research for this project. I'll just upload a few pictures I found useful and talk in more detail about how they come in use when I show the latest concept work.

since the description said how Wee Eck McGlone is Scottish it mean he must wear a kilt.
Wikipedia says that:

'The kilt is a knee-length garment with pleats at the rear, originating in the traditional dress of men and boys in the Scottish Highlands of the 16th century. Since the 19th century it has become associated with the wider culture of Scotland in general, or with Celtic (and more specifically Gaelic) heritage even more broadly. It is most often made of woollen cloth in a tartan pattern.'
One on the left seemed like a good sorce for patten but Ii don't really like the colour. The middle is more like it but it's a bit too far away and the one of the right doesn't have the pattern at all but does have the... bag part.. er. thing. o.o

images were taken from google.

Images were taken from Samurai jack from cartoon network.

Didn't know if this would be any help but it's one of the few cartoon Scotsman i know.

Janitors - Zookeeper
When I was looking at zookeepers I wasn't very happy with what I was finding. The uniform wasn't what I had in mind for Mcglone. I was thinking more alone the lines of a Janitor's uniform so I paid a bit more attention to them instead.

Image was taken form google.
click for full size

image from

If you have been keeping up with my other blogs you would notice this coming.

Steampunk Doctor Octopus 'Doc Ock'
I found this to be very inspirational when first saw this a few years ago. The artist built a steampunk version of the Spider-man character Dr Octopus in 3d.
The backpack was very interesting to me for this and gave me an idea of how McGlone could collect the dung.

image can be found at

Watch out!

Yes I own a pocket watch, I use it from time to time for ideas. The paterns on the back are nice but what I'm really interested in are the gears and cogs. Since mine has a see though back I can see what goes on as it is ticking.

click for full size
There are a few other images I have but I think that'll do for now. XD
While waiting for my next post have a listen to this:

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Brought up to speed

Hi, yes I've set up two other blogs for each of the subjects at college. I have to do a lot of research on the other project but I can be a little more lenient on this. for the time being I'll just upload a few images of my drawing and send Alex a link here to let him know I've moved. I'll add more text when I can think of something to say.

These are the same image i have on my main blog.

Further more detailed sketches of the zoo keeper but was told that it wasn't original enough

Zoo keeper in a steampunk outfit. More original but I seem to be adding Steampunk to most things i do. i might try to steer away form this before it gets too late.