Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Printed Model

Hi there. Yes I have printed my model, and in the words of Marvin the Martian 'isn't it lovely' :D

37 try at footage and THIS is the best one!! X(


  1. Wow that looks amazing, great posture. I'm really excited about seeing mine when it comes out.

  2. holy crap! i've got a comment YAAAAAAY! thank you. :D
    yeah thats all you need to do now. you've got evrything else done. :)

  3. Hey Sam.

    Ethan here!
    This is a pretty awesome character, and looks great printed in 3D. I (at Rochester UCA) recently done a character design project. Drawing characters was such a learning curve! I never got to the stage of putting it into 3D though. Perhaps, check out my blog sometime. :)